One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution MCQ

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A place where Buddhist monks live (SSC CHSL 12.04.2021 Shift-1)

In exactly the same words as were used originally (SSC CHSL 13.04.2021 Shift-3)

A person authorised to examine and verify accounts ? (SSC CHSL 13.04.2021 Shift-2)

Doing something awkwardly or in a clumsy manner (SSC CHSL 12.04.2021 Shift-3)

Someone who studies elections and voting statistics (SSC CHSL 12.04.2021 Shift-3)

A place where coins are manufactured (SSC CHSL 13.04.2021 Shift-2)

One who is easily deceived (SSC CHSL 13.04.2021 Shift-3)

Doctor who deals with bone problems (SSC CHSL 12.04.2021 Shift-1)

A person who presents and acts as a link in a radio or news programme (SSC CHSL 15.04.2021 Shift-1)

Relating to the present time (SSC CHSL 19.04.2021 Shift-1)

Animal that can live both on land and in water (SSC CHSL 15.04.2021 Shift-1)

Based on chance rather than on reason or a plan (SSC CHSL 04.08.2021 Shift-3)

So small or unimportant as to be not worth considering (SSC CHSL 16.04.2021 Shift-1)

A patient with imaginary symptoms and diseases (SSC CHSL 15.04.2021 Shift-2)

A close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or sword (SSC CHSL 16.04.2021 Shift-3)

An act of breaking or failing to observe a law (SSC CHSL 15.04.2021 Shift-2)

The branch of science concerned with the study of Earth and its composition (SSC CHSL 16.04.2021 Shift-2)

A person who composes the sequence of steps and moves for a dance performance (SSC CHSL 19.04.2021 Shift-2)

Animals that live In water (SSC CHSL 19.04.2021 Shift-2)

The scientific study of the universe and planets (SSC CHSL 19.04.2021 Shift-3)

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One Word Substitution MCQ

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