The Mark of Vishnu quiz 1

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Question 1

Where were the writer and his brothers taking the captured Kala Nag ?

Question 2

What was daily served by Gunga Ram to Kala Nag ?

Question 3

In which year Khushwant Singh awarded Padma Vibhushan ?

Question 4

What does Gunga Ram represent as a person of ?

Question 5

The children were armed with long………….

Question 6

Which part of the Kala Nag remained undamaged ?

Question 7

Who was Gunga Ram ?

Question 8

Sometimes Gunga Ram was got stung by wasps. It………seemed to shake his faith.

Question 9

Khuswant Singh was a Rajya Sabha member from………

Question 10

The Kala Nag was almost………..feet in length.

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There are 10 questions to complete.

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